Stainless Flair custom manufactures high quality stainless steel products, our stainless steel benches can be fabricated with or without  sinks and can also incorporate a splash back.

We glue down your stainless steel bench top to your wooden substrait. If itís a just a stainless steel splash back that you need, we cut, supply and glue down to your template to ensure a perfect fit. If its required to be a stainless steel product, we can fabricate it. We make stainless steel stands, stainless steel tables, stainless steel structural frames, stainless steel vent hoods, stainless steel ductwork, stainless steel sinks, stainless steel chutes, stainless steel baskets, stainless steel  trays, stainless steel racks and stainless steel tank covers.

Need Concept Assistance?

We are custom fabricators of stainless products. If you have a complete design, we will be pleased to build to your specifications. If your concept is not yet designed, a simple sketch and a short telephone conversation may be all the input that we require to manufacture the item you envision.

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